We warmly invite you to participate to our series of scientific seminars organised by the User Office at MAX IV.

Where – online through Zoom ( and on-site when speaker is present at MAX IV
When – Mondays 13:45 CET
Format – 30 minutes of presentation followed by 15 minutes of discussion, chaired by MAX IV staff

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Monday 28th November 2022, 13:45 CET – Online – Zoom

Title: “’Bone across length scales: insights from X-rays’”

Speaker: Henrik Birkedal – Aarhus University
Session Chair: Mads Jørgensen
Associated beamline: DanMAX

“Bone and other biological materials have complex hierarchical structures that remain far from understood. Given its three dimensional nature, mapping the structure requires position resolved information, which makes X-ray 2D and 3D imaging methods very useful. I will discuss experiments traversing relevant length scales in bone including experiments conducted at MAX-IV. These include for example X-ray powder diffraction computed tomography (XRD-CT) studies at the DanMAX beamline of the mouse femoral head. Zooming deeper into bone, I will describe nanobeam X-ray diffraction, X-ray fluorescence computed tomography (XRF-CT) and ptychography to map the nanoscale structure of human bone. In the other extreme, high energy X-rays enable 3D imaging of very large samples, which I will illustrate by studies of the enigmatic tusk of narwhals.”


The initiative aims to share knowledge and stimulate enthusiastic discussions on synchrotron research and methods developed at MAX IV. These shall be a channel to learn more about our facility, strengthen collaborations, bring communities together and promote cooperation and interdisciplinarity.

The speakers are MAX IV past, current and potential future users, as well as MAX IV staff; on the other hand, welcome attendees are members of the broad scientific community: scientists from the speaker´s home institution, of Swedish and international universities as well as MAX IV and other light sources staff.

Please reach us through the email of the in case you have any comments or suggestions regarding the series.

We look forward to seeing you online and hope you enjoy the talks!