We warmly invite you to participate to our series of scientific seminars organised by the User Office at MAX IV.

Where – MAX III call and on-site when speaker is present at MAX IV
When – Mondays 13:45 CET
Format – 30 minutes of presentation followed by 15 minutes of discussion, chaired by MAX IV staff

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Monday 10 October 2022, 13:45 CET – MAX III

Stainless steel in contact with food during processing
Material science meets food chemistry

Speaker: Martin Adell – Tetra Pak
Session Chair –
Associated Beamline- MAXPEEM

The food industry is facing many challenges with increasing demand for global availability of diverse products. In order to meet these demands food processing optimization is key and thus detailed understanding of the interactions between food with different chemical properties and processing equipment is needed. One such area where new and increased knowledge is needed is how different food products and then in particular products with high salinity interact with stainless steel surfaces from a corrosion perspective. What are the mechanisms responsible for local corrosion in processing equipment such as heat exchangers? What stainless-steel qualities can be used together with which products under what processing conditions and why? These questions need answers to design efficient and sustainable equipment also for future food processing meeting new demands and enable new products.

Monday 17 October 2022, 13:45 CET – MAX II

Ligation and molecular activation at single metal atom sites on “biomimetic” 2D materials

Speaker: Erik Vesselli – Università degli Studi di Trieste
Session Chair: Alexei Preobrajenski
Associated beamline: FlexPES

Innovative and stable catalysts can be designed within the framework of a biomimetic approach, thus embedding an active single metal atom in a tetra-pyrrolic cage. From the surface science point of view, an in situ and operando characterization of heme-like, simplified model systems may represent a challenge. Besides investigations at cryogenic temperature, a thorough atomic-level experimental understanding is indeed not straightforward so far, due to the near-ambient pressure conditions that are necessary to yield a significant interaction of the active core with gas phase molecules at room temperature. By exploiting non-linear laser spectroscopy, access to the vibronic properties of interfaces is possible under realistic operative conditions, thus allowing the investigation of 2D metal-organic supported systems.

Self-assembled 2D layers of metal-N4 complexes deposited on single crystal terminations and on supporting templates will be described, with a specific focus on the interaction of the single metal atom centres with small gas-phase molecules. IR-Vis Sum Frequency Generation spectroscopy, combined with other surface characterization techniques, including synchrotron radiation AP-XPS, and with ab initio calculations, provides a detailed insight into geometry and chemical behaviour of the layers, properties, and excitons dynamics.


The initiative aims to share knowledge and stimulate enthusiastic discussions on synchrotron research and methods developed at MAX IV. These shall be a channel to learn more about our facility, strengthen collaborations, bring communities together and promote cooperation and interdisciplinarity.

The speakers are MAX IV past, current and potential future users, as well as MAX IV staff; on the other hand, welcome attendees are members of the broad scientific community: scientists from the speaker´s home institution, of Swedish and international universities as well as MAX IV and other light sources staff.

Please reach us through the email of the in case you have any comments or suggestions regarding the series.

We look forward to seeing you online and hope you enjoy the talks!