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MAX IV Laboratory recruits from all over the world. Our vacancies are advertised on the websites of MAX IV Laboratory and Lund University’s web as well as through various media outlets and networks.
As an employee, you are the most important resource for us to reach our goal becoming a world-class research facility. Therefore it is important for us to ensure that we recruit the most qualified candidates on the basis of competence.

Find out more about our recruitment process and the different steps below.

After the last day of application we are screening all applications within 1-4 weeks. The applications are compared against the criteria that is listed in the advertisement. The candidates who best match the profile will be contacted over e-mail or phone to be invited for an interview. The candidates who are not successful in this part of the screening will get an autogenerated e-mail once the selection process has been completed.

Candidates that are selected will be contacted for an interview. The interview will be conducted either at MAX IV Laboratory or as a digital interview.

An interview panel of 2-3 people will conduct the interview focusing on the candidate´s technical qualifications and previous experiences. The first interview will last for about 1 hour.

If you are successful in the first interview you will be invited to a second interview. The other candidates will receive feedback via e-mail or phone within 2 weeks. The second interview is held at MAX IV Laboratory in Lund and lasts from 2 hours to a full day. Most interviews are divided in 2-4 different blocks depending on the position we’re interviewing for, more information about the set-up is given in the invitation.

The interview will be conducted by a panel of 2-5 people consisting of internal staff, recruiting manager and responsible Director. Some recruitments will also include external experts. Depending on the work duties of the position, you might be asked to hold a seminar, prepare a presentation or do a case study.

A HR representative will meet the candidate to conduct a competence-based interview and provide information about terms of employment and relocation packages etc. Further information about the HR interview will be sent out via e-mail ahead of the interview. For management positions, you will also meet with union representatives.

In most cases, candidates will be taken on a tour of the facility and meet with team members. For management positions it is mandatory with a five hour assessment focusing on the candidates personality. As a final step we will also contact your references. MAX IV Laboratory will cover all associated travel expenses and accommodation costs. Further information about arrangements will be included in the invitation.

If you are offered a position and you accept, you will receive an appointment decision. In cases of relocation you will receive support from HR and be contacted by our external relocation agency Alfa Relocation. We will do our best to support you and your family for a smooth transition to Sweden. Read more about this under relocation process.

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