Visualisation of NanoMAX KB system

The Mechanical Design Team assists with design of most components in our facility from simple brackets to custom designed endstations, all this in cooperation with the accelerator and beamline staff.

The Design Team integrates all the components in the facility, regardless if they are designed in house or by the suppliers. The models contain various parts of MAX IV facility, from the injection gun, linac and storage rings to insertion devices and beamlines.

The Mechanical Design Team evaluates inhouse designs as well as custom external designs concerning the demands put on them in terms of stability, alignment and that it physically matches the environment they are connected to or placed in.

The Mechanical Design Team incorporates all parts in a model for the machine or the beamlines and can when needed complement the models with 3D scans of the environment to take miscellaneous items into account which exists around the equipment. The team performs evaluation (as part of the design process) with the help of Finite Element Analysis (FEA) for example eigenfrequency, deformation and thermal analysis.

The Design Team also assists with procuring parts through our framework for mechanical manufacturing.

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