Below is the list of scientific seminar series at MAX IV or co-organised with MAX IV. Further organised seminars and invited speakers outside of the below list are listed below or announced on the events calendar.

The colloquia is jointly arranged by ESS and MAX IV and to be held every month, with the venue alternating between MAX IV and ESS. The aim is to bring the science made possible by neutrons and synchrotron radiation facilities into focus. It also meant to bring people at ESS and MAX IV and the local science community together.

ESS – MAX IV Science Colloquium page

CoWork is the acronym of: a virtual Coherence Workshop: Inversion of Coherent X-ray data.

This is a Webinar series, arranged by LINXS, dedicated to the exploitation of the coherence properties of X-rays for advanced materials characterization, with a special focus on inverse microscopy techniques, such as Coherent Diffraction Imaging -CDI, Ptychography, Holography.

The Webinar series has space for a limited number of contributed talks on:

  • application and/or development of inversion microscopies

  • scientific & materials questions that could benefit from inverse microscopy

CoWork page


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