The beamline provides three types of the fast access:

  1. Sample or technical feasibility study (FS)
  2. Scientific experiment (SE)

The maximum number of shifts: 6 (24 hrs). Please submit a request for fast Access two weeks before the planned beamtime. Facilities available for FS and SE:

The High-Temperature Cell is offered with full functionality, however, its cleanliness can not be guaranteed as we do not bake it in between fast access measurements. EC cell is typically only available for dip-and-pull measurements with water-based electrolytes. Typically, the glove box is not available (contact beamline staff).

  1. Standard Measurement Service (SMS)

The service is provided for groups who lack APXPS measurements for the otherwise completed project. The proposed measurements must have a well-defined scope limited to 12 hours. Typical examples are (a) a written manuscript of a paper with multiple characterization techniques but missing the APXPS characterization; (b) a written manuscript of a paper with APXPS data where an important condition is missing; (c) a written paper manuscript where the data taken for one condition is clearly erroneous (e.g. sample contaminated).

The group is responsible for providing a detailed experimental plan. One of the group representatives must be available during the measurements to consult about the ongoing measurements if necessary.

The maximum number of shifts: 3 (12 hrs). Only mail-in samples, no access to premisses.

Only the High-Temperature Cell of the Solid-Gas Endstation is available for the SMS.

No sample preparation is allowed.

Only conductive samples are accepted. The samples must be shipped mounted or prepared for mounting on the beamline sample holders. The beamline would happily provide sample holders on request.

The beamline staff does not provide data analysis service.

The person providing the service must be included in the co-author list.

Follow this link to read more about all MAX IV Access modes.