Since its establishment in 2016, MAX IV has grown significantly. This growth implies an increase in complexity and amount of information to be handled in different contexts.

Collaborative initiatives witness the engagement of MAX IV with the scientific community and showcase the fields of interest and needs of MAX IV users. In order for MAX IV management to have an overview of collaborative initiatives and to be able to share that information with our funders, partners and public, we put in place a workflow for establishment of collaboration with MAX IV to have a transparent and structured process, while trying to keep it as simple as possible.

If you are interested in collaborating with MAX IV but do not have a contact person at the facility, please reach the Grants Office to establish a first contact and we will help you find the right interlocutor.

As a general guideline for collaborations targeting a Call for applications for funding, please follow the steps below:

  1. External collaborator discusses with the MAX IV contact person his/her intent of working on a joint project.
  2. The partners identify a Call of interest for which it is considered suitable to submit the project idea. To find an available Call, contact the Grants Office for advice.
  3. Once a Call of interest is identified, the applicants prepare an application following Call guidelines. Grants Office welcomes you to reach out to us with questions about technical Call requirements, administrative support and (importantly) budget questions.
  4. Once a draft of the project application is prepared and the budget is set, the MAX IV contact person submits internally a GIF (Grant Initiative Form).
  5. The GIF is reviewed by Finance at MAX IV and approved by the MAX IV contact person´s manager and Division Director.
  6. If the Call requires a Letter of Support from the infrastructure, a template will be shared by the Grants Office and an approved GIF is a prerequisite for the signature to be obtained.
  7. The main applicant submits the proposal to the funder and shares it with the Grants Office.
  8. The external collaborator and/or MAX IV contact person notify the Grants Office of the outcome of the proposal evaluation. If granted, the project contract is shared with the Grants Office.
  9. The Grants Office meets the MAX IV contact person to plan the project development, expenses and reporting.

If you have any questions or comments regarding the process, please share them with us and we will consider them for future improvements.

Page manager: Doriana Orbanic May 3, 2023