HIPPIE beamline offers the time-resolved APXPS with chemical perturbation and internal synchronisation using gas pulses. The time resolution achievable in the High-Temperature Cell is ca. 70 ms. Details of the setup can be found in the recent publication. Please get in touch with the beamline team for further details of the setup or if you want to apply for the beamtime with this instrument.

Excitation methodGas pressure/composition pulses are formed by switching Mass Flow Controllers.
Temperature pulses are created by rapidly changing the heating laser power
MFC range0.5 sccm – 30 sccm
Minimum pulsing period3 s
Typical MFC pulsing period1 min – 2 min due to cell volume
Maximum temperature ramp20 deg/s
Maximum sampling frequency17 Hz
Time resolution~ 70 ms
Data analysisData analysis software for the internal synchronisation signal search is available from the beamline on request. Help with the software usage ca be provided on request
AvailabilityAvailable for general users