The main way to gain access to MAX IV is through the “User Science Programme”. All access modes listed below, with the exception of Proprietary access, are included in said program.

Here is a short overview, follow the links for further information:

Block Allocation Groups (BAG) Access

Available for groups of researchers that want to combine their beamtime requests into a single proposal.

Available at: BioMAX, CoSAXS, MicroMAX
Validity: 4 Cycles, ca 2 years

See full description of BAG access and download proposal template

Fast access

Fast Access is temporarily not available, we are therefore not accepting new proposals until further notice.

Proprietary access

Available for industry, institutes, and private and public organisations providing commissioned research funded by industry. The access is covered by a non-disclosure agreement and the results belongs to the industry user with no need to publish.

Available at: Beamlines in User Operation
Validity: Per agreement

See full description of Proprietary access

Standard access

The standard peer reviewed access mode at MAX IV, offering beamtime to a single scientific project.

Available at: Beamlines in User Operation
Validity: 1 Cycle

See full description of Standard access and download proposal template

Access through collaborations

MAX IV collaborates with various consortium and projects through which users can apply for “privileged beamtime” access, read more about beamtime collaborations and how to apply here:

Collaborations offering beamtime chevron_right

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