Balder beamline performance

(updated 2024-02-05)

TechniquePrimary: XAS (XANES/EXAFS), XES
Secondary: XRD, XRF
Beam sizeFocused H 50 x V 50 µm2 (Si111), (Si311)
Slits close to sample to reach smaller spot size
Defocused vertical 2 mm, horizontal 500 µm
Energy range4 - 40 keV (XAS)
6 -22 keV (XES)
Time scalesStep scan 30 min/EXAFS
Fly scan 1 sec/EXAFS
Sample relatedTranslations at ambient conditions for transmission and fluorescence,
15 K Cryostat, several sample cells available

Sample station measurements

The X-ray beam path is 80 mm above the surface of the experimental table. The sample manipulations of the standard sample holders are made with stage above the secured sample (see picture). In other words the sample is “hanging” into the beam. A small microscope is viewing the sample positioned in the beam path.

Picture of the translation stages for sample manipulation at ambient condition. The vertical arm holding the hexapod can also be turned 90 deg to the left in the picture to hold a sample cell from the side. A manual rotation plate is mounted on the base plate of the hexapod to allow setting up the sample for either transmission or fluorescence measurements. A linear positioner (SamarAct) is mounted on the rotation plate for longer lateral translations.

Sample holders

Balder multi sample holders with round “windows” fitting 13 or 5 mm diameter pellets or rectangular “windows” for packing with powders or filling with liquids.

All the multi-sample holding plates fit to the translation stages used at ambient conditions. The smaller size (22 x 75 mm2) and interface also fit in the cryostat (and be compatible with robotic sample loading at a later stage).

Special “clamped” holders for the cryostat are available of two sample sizes (4 x 5 mm widows, or 2 x 13 mm windows). The clamps are made of peak and attached with peak screw to back and front fixating the kapton windows in place. Can be used for solids or liquids.

If users want to design their own holders, please use the same interface (2x ∅5.6 mm holes and the 3.4 mm slot, up to 2.5 mm thickness). Plates are otherwise available at the beamline in acrylic glass (thickness 1.5 mm) or aluminum. Drawings are available upon request.

Sample plates

Sample plates for Balder sample station

Size and interface

Sample holders at Balder sample station


A high-precision hexapod is available for flexible sample orientations during measurements. In-house and personalized sample cells can be attached to the platform using the following baseplate dimensions.

Hexapod baseplate

SmarAct stage

With a high-precision SmarAct translation stage larger sample movements up to 100mm can be accommodated.


Thin-walled glass and quartz capillary tubes of different sizes may be available for your experiment. Please contact beamline staff for availability.

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