The first data set collected with the SCANIA-2D X-ray Emission spectrometer during commissioning beamtime 2019-12-11.

Emission lines

XANES and resonant XES spectra of CuO. The XES spectra were measured at 9 excitation energies marked on the XANES spectrum. The count rates refer to the total sum of counts in the full energy range of XES. The XES spectrometer was also qualified by analyzing elastically scattered light at the excitation energies 8027.83 and 8047.78 eV – tabulated energies of the Cu Kα2 and Cu Kα1 lines [], see the lower left part of the Figure. The XES spectrometer had one Si444 Johansson-type crystal analyzer. The XANES spectrum was measured in transmission on the same pressed pellet.


Conventional XANES and High Energy Resolution Fluorescence Detected (HERFD) XANES of copper foil. Both spectra were measured in the fly scanning mode, with the latter one being a sum of 10 repeats.

Full spectrometer branch (3 crystals)

New data collected in July 2022 in collaboration with expert commissioning users.

The Co Ka1 HERFD spectra were collected together with expert commissioning users (A. Jentys group from TU Munich) in July 2022. A full spectrometer branch (3 crystals) was used for the first time. Here, the scanning range had 650 points (rather excessive) at 0.5 sec per point. Note the noise level in the inset plot that would remain much smaller than signal with a sample dilution down to 1wt%.

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