MicroMAX is situated at the MAX IV 3 GeV ring with an in-vacuum undulator as X-ray source (18 mm period, 2.8 m magnetic length, min gap 4.5 mm). The figure shows the main optical components: two monochromators (HDMM,HDCM), focusing lenses (CRLs) and a KB mirror pair (VFM,HFM).

The first monochromator is a multilayer monochromator (HDMM or MLM). It can operate in the energy range 10-13 keV with two different coatings for 0.4% or 1% energy bandwidth. The MLM can give an X-ray flux of 1014 – 1015 photons/s.

The second monochromator is a Si(111) crystal monochromator (HDCM). The energy range is defined as 5-25 keV with an X-ray flux >1013 photons/s.

The beamline will have four transfocators with Be lenses (Compound Refractive Lenses, CRLs) and a pair of KB mirrors (VFM and HFM). There are several different configurations that will provide different beam sizes at the sample positions, but the main focusing modes are using the CRL1/CRL2 in the optics hutch and either CRL3/CRL4 or VFM/HFM for the final focusing. There is a horizontal secondary source (SSh) at the end of the optics hutch. VFM/HFM will be added in a second stage and provide focusing down to 1 μm. The initial configuration with only CRLs will provide a focus of around 10 μm but a beam size down to 5 μm is available.