The main tasks of the vacuum team include:

  • Conceptual design, procurement, test, installation and commissioning of vacuum related accelerator upgrades.
  • Assistance with the design and implementation of new vacuum beamline equipment (upgrades, new branches, new beamlines).
  • Installation and maintenance of vacuum systems and equipment across the facility (including bakeouts, leak detection tests, small repairing jobs and substitution of faulty parts).
  • Monitoring and troubleshooting of accelerator vacuum systems.
  • Cleaning of vacuum chambers, parts and components prior to their installation inside vacuum systems across the facility.  
  • Procurement of standard and custom-made vacuum hardware.
  • Upkeep of stock and storage of standard vacuum equipment and spare parts.
  • Updating and enforcing the laboratory vacuum standards to ensure that the accelerators and beamlines can be operating safely and reliably.
  • Help with the installation, maintenance or substitution of components in the LINAC’s klystron gallery and the electron gun area.
Picture showing two members of the Vacuum Team preparing the bake-out of an in-vacuum undulator
Two members of the vacuum team preparing the bakeout of an in-vacuum undulator