Prepare for a successful PRISMAS application by writing a compelling cover letter and gathering the required documents. Here is everything you need to know to start your PRISMAS journey.

When applying for a PRISMAS position you can choose one or more research projects and further develop them with your future supervisors. This individual-driven mobility is a characteristic of the PRISMAS selection process. Your complete application should be submitted through the respective university’s application system.

Before writing your application, you can download and read through the Guide for Applicants. [LINK to be provided soon]

What to include in your PRISMAS application

Your application must include the following documents:

  • Curriculum Vitae in the Europass format (download template here).
  • Two-page cover letter (if you apply for more than one PRISMAS project at one or more universities you should include a priority ranking).
  • Minimum one reference letter.
  • Proof of English language (minimum CEFR proficiency level B2).
  • Academic transcript, including grades for all coursework, with a transcript of a diploma in English.
  • Additional documents you consider relevant for the application.

How the PRISMAS candidates are selected

The selection of candidates for all open positions at all research projects follows this process:

  1. You submit the application(s) for the project(s) of choice through each university’s application system, which is found on their websites
  2. The applications for each project are gathered and handed over to the PRISMAS level. At the PRISMAS level, an eligibility check is conducted. The Central Selection Panel evaluates the eligible applications and selects, in general, four candidates for further consideration. The Central Selection Panel consists of independent external experts chosen by the PRISMAS management team based on expertise and experience.
  3. The list of selected eligible candidates is handed to the Local Evaluation Committee at the respective university. The committee invites the candidates to a first online interview. As the main Principal Investigator of the respective project is part of this committee, candidates and PIs meet and can get to know each other at this stage.
  4. After the online interviews, the Local Evaluation Committee selects two candidates for the final round. These candidates are invited to an on-site interview, which provides the chance to meet with the PI and HR representatives and to get an introduction to the working environment.
  5. The Local Evaluation Committee selects the final PRISMAS project candidate based on the on-site interview.

You are continuously updated on the status of your pending application.

Qualified, external, and independent experts ensure equality and transparency in the evaluation.

Page manager: PRISMAS January 29, 2023