User training at MAX IV is coordinated by the MAX IV Education and Outreach Team, a cross-cutting group that support, drive and develop education and training activities in collaboration with an inclusive community.

The diversity and experience of such community composed by MAX IV staff, users, university partners and other stakeholders bring a wider educational perspective that, focusing on user needs, contribute to increase the quality, quantity and overall impact of the research infrastructure outcomes through 2030.

General programs

Specific programs

Aiming to completeness, we mention here more activities which are either, being handled by dedicated groups, as is the case of those targeted to industry; are happening without a deserved acknowledgment and documentation or are not yet going-on but its strategic importance emphasized to put them ‘on-the-table’.

The MAX V Industrial Relations Office helps companies to access and use MAX IV on their research.

A good reference to learn how MAX IV can help industry is through the site Learn by example! “Industry case studies to learn how other companies have benefit from using X-rays and neutrons to improve their products and processes.”. This is part of the, currently evolving, collaborative platform MAXESS.

MAX IV continues to contribute to university and industry training courses through lectures given by MAX IV staff.

These activities highlight the importance of lecturers educated in pedagogical best practices and learning tools.

It is our aim to recover the previously organised training for high school and universities teachers. Those are an excellent way to increase the knowledge on MAX IV and can be an efficient way to introduce new methods into the broader scientific community.

Page manager: Franz Hennies March 7, 2023