Stm Mp Featured Scanner

A part of Support labs: Microscopy infrastructure, standalone tunneling microscope (VT UHV XA STM from ScientaOmicron) at MAX IV allows characterizing the samples with scanning tunneling microscopy (STM), spectroscopy (STS), and non-contact atomic force microscopy (ncAFM, with QPlus sensors). A true-UHV vacuum suitcase provides a seamless all-UHV transfer of samples from most of the beamlines at 1.5 GeV ring (HiPPiE at 3 GeV ring) to and from the STM.

In the side menu, detailed information about the capabilities of the experimental station and how to access it can be found. Our in-house research revolves mostly around two-dimensional materials (grapheneborophene, etc.), and bottom-up fabrication, e.g. nanoribbons. The latest research highlights, both in-house and external, may be found at the highlights page, accessible also via the side menu.

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