Microscopy support labs at MAX IV gather three different machines: a scanning tunneling microscope, an atomic force (scanning) microscope and a scanning electron microscope, as a user support infrastructure that is largely independent of the ring(s) operation. Nevertheless, the machines must be prefenrentially booked and used under proposed and accepted project at beamline(s).

The menu to the left will guide you to the detailed description of the machine(s) and provide with information on how to get access to the particular machine, what are the specifications of the machine, and whether there are specific sample requirements.

User input

Right now we review the possibility of either expanding the park of the microscopes with a modern, fast atomic force microscope, or upgrading the existing machines with new capabilities, related to the user research at beamlines. Please, feel free to answer this short questionnaire as it will allow us to gauge the user interest to the scanning probe microscopy infrastructure at MAX IV. Thank you very much!

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