Rheo Maxiv

General specifications:

– Anton Paar MCR702 MultiDrive in single-motor transducer configuration available on site. Either an Anton Paar MCR702e Space or a dual-motor transducer configuration may be available upon request if needed.

– Both standard (parallel-plate, cone-plate, and polycarbonate concentric-cylinder geometries, rectangular torsional DMA fixture) and custom setups.

– Combined temperature and humidity control.

Extended options list:

– Temperature control:

  • Convection oven CTD450TD, up to 400 ℃.
  • Evaporation unit EVU20, down to ~-120 ℃.
  • Various Peltier (PTD) and resistance based (ETD) accessories for temperature control.

– Single motor-transducer configuration extended options:

  • Rheo-optical setup (PP with glass, quartz and HDPE). 
  • High-pressure cell (max 400 bar) with DG27 and PP.
  • Interfacial rheology cell with bi-cone measuring geometry.

– Separate motor-transducer configuration extended options:

  • Extensional viscosity fixture.
  • Rheo-dielectric spectroscopy setup with PP25Ti (Titanium) measuring geometry. DEA: Zurich Instruments MFIA.