The High-Temperature (HT) / catalysis / general-purpose ambient pressure cell enables photoemission measurements on catalytic and surface science-type systems at mbar pressures at temperatures up to 1000 C. At the moment, this is the only available sample environment at the solid-gas endstation. The Catalysis AP cell is currently being upgraded and will be available for users in 2025.

For the time-resolved APXPS using please the HT cell, please, check Time-resolved APXPS page.

PurposeTo enable photoemission measurements at mbar pressures and up to 1000 C
DescriptionSmall volume (1 L) cell with controllable gas supply. Standard setup for general users.
Base Pressure 2 x 10-9 mbar
Sample manipulationX, Y, Z
Normal Emission. 55 deg synchrotron beam incidence (beam to surf normal)
Pressure range5 x 10-10 – 30 mbar
in situ gauge 0.5 mbar – 30 mbar
HeatersDirect laser (CW, 1080 nm)
Up to 1000C in 10 mbar H2
PID controlled
Cooling9 C water. ca 20 C on sample
Sample holder typeOmicron flag style
Sample sizemax 8 x 8 mm
Probe of inlet and outlet gas composition
Analyser apertures0.3 mm
Gas dosing
(available 2018-I)
up to 8 individual gases (by user request) and their mixture. Fully automatic gas dosing system
build-in fast (5 ms duty cycle) solenoid valves
Max flow rate30 sccm (one gas)
ManipulationX, Y, Z.
NE, 55 deg incidence (to surf. normal)
AvailabilityAvailable for general users