Max Labb

The MAX IV facility consists of a 3 GeV storage ring, a 1.5 GeV storage ring, and a linear accelerator (fed by two guns) that serves as a full-energy injector to the rings, but also as a driver for the Short Pulse Facility. The 3 GeV storage ring with a circumference of 528 m is geared towards hard x-ray users, while the 1.5 GeV storage ring, 96 m circumference, serves soft x-ray and UV users.


The MAX IV Machine Division employs an ownership concept to manage processes, systems, and sub-systems. Each process and (sub-)system has an owner and deputy owner. Their task is to ensure their process or (sub-)system is performing according to specifications, serviced, and well maintained, as well as ensuring a good information flow and documentation surrounding all aspects connected to their process or (sub-)system.

Owners can supply information regarding their process and (sub-)system. They are also considered the experts to consult before making any change to a process or (sub-)system.

Accelerator operations

The Operation Group consists of 15 operators and assistant operators and is headed by the Group Manager, Stephen Molloy, who also works as an operator. We are responsible for delivering a stable high-quality beam to the users. This means operating and controlling the accelerator complex consisting of the 3 GeV linac, the 1.5 GeV storage ring and the 3 GeV storage ring. We work to constantly improve beam availability, beam quality and operation in general.


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