The Beamline Office with the SEDS Team have a pool of rapid prototyping equipment available to the MAX IV community. There are several printers, a benchtop Laser Cutter and a 4-axis CNC milling machine, with different technologies and materials. Together they allow the rapid prototyping and test from an enormous variety of materials. Simple plastic parts to 100% ceramic or conductive, carbon fibre reinforced materials, among others

SEDS rapid prototyping machinery

Printer nameSoftwareMaterialResolution and print sizeComment
Ultimaker S5

Free Cura 5PLA, PVA, PETG,PP, PC, composites. 2.85mm filament.Build volume: 330x240x300mm
Layer height: 60-600μm
Beamline Workshop access after training.
Dual extruder.
Ultimaker 2+Free Cura 5BS, PLA, composites (CF, Glass, Metal). 2.85mm filament.Build volume: 220x220x200mm
Layer height: 20-200μm
SEDS Lab access after training.
SD card.
Mark Two
Licence EigerNylon, glass fiber, carbon fiber, kevlar. 1.75mm filament.Build volume: 320x130x150mm
Layer height: 100μm
Licence constraints. Contact SEDS or Floor coordinators.
Form 2
Free PreformProprietary UV activated resins.Build volume: 145x145x175mm
Layer height: 100-25μm
Safety constraints.
Contact SEDS or Floor coordinators.
Modela MDX-50
Licence SRP PlayerPlastics, wood, and more. Metal not supported.Working area:
3-axis: 400x305x135mm
360x Ø120mm
Safety constraints.
Contact SEDS or Floor coordinators.
Free Beam StudioCut: Acrylic, Kapton, wood, and more. Engrave: anodized metal glass and more.Working area: 400x375mm
Max height: 80mm
Safety constraints.
Contact SEDS or Floor coordinators.


For more information or training/prototyping, please contact Artur Domingues ( or make a support request to SEDS (

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