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Welcome to MAX IV!

In this section of the web we have collected the some practical information. For answers to some of the most common questions, please see the FAQ page.

MAX IV Reception

The reception at MAX IV is open weekdays from 8.00 am to 4.30 pm. During opening hours, you can always come by to receive your access card or ask any questions you might have about your stay at MAX IV.

This section describes how to gain access to MAX IV as a researcher granted beamtime through our General User Access program, if you are visiting MAX IV through other access methods (eg. visits and tours), this does not apply to you.


Before coming to MAX IV

Here are the steps you must complete before traveling to MAX IV:

  1. Your proposal is accepted and scheduled by beamline staff, your are automatically notified by an email sent out from our DUO system.
  2. MP, PI or a Co-proposer must then create your groups Session: Link to guide
  3. After session creation, all participants must apply for their own individual Access cards: Link to guide
  4. All participants must also make sure they have a valid Safety Test result (check the dates!) and print the Certificate to bring to the MAX IV reception: Link to guide
  5. Important: If you plan to arrive outside of the Reception opening hours, please inform them through email well in advance of your visit.


  1. Arriving during Reception opening hours
    Go to the MAX IV Reception to hand in your Safety Quiz certificate and have your photo taken to receive your access card.
  2. Arriving outside of Reception opening hours
    A temporary access card with limited validity will be issued for you. This card can either be given to your assigned Local Contact or be placed in the “safety box” just outside the main entrance to MAX IV. An email will be sent to you from the reception with information on where to pick up your card, and how to do so.You must leave your Safety Quiz certificate in the red mail box at the reception, and come back to the reception to get your picture taken and have a new access card granted as soon as the reception opens again.

Please note: Temporary access cards can only be granted if the visiting user have completed the Safety Quiz in DUO. So please make sure you do this well in advance of your visit!

When leaving MAX IV

When you are about to leave the MAX IV facility, please return your access card to the reception, or if the reception is closed please leave your access card in the red “mail box”.

Good to know

description Download LU Guest House Request Form

MAX IV has an agreement with Lund University Guest House (LUGH),  located at Tunavägen 39 A, between Lund city centre and MAX IV. Read more about the LU Guest House on the Lund University website.

  • There are rental bikes right outside LUGH and it takes approximately 10 minutes to go by bike from LUGH to MAX IV.
  • It is a 1 km walk to the closest tram stop and then a 7 minutes ride to MAX IV.

Fill out the LUGH request form (found above) to make a reservation with the MAX IV agreed rates:

  • Single room – 647 SEK/night.

Useful tip: If the Submit button in the pdf is not working, please save and send it as an attachment to:

Please note that MAX IV cannot make reservations for you or promote any other accommodations than LUGH. For other accommodation options, please go to the VisitLund webpage, or use one of the many hotel-booking sites available online.

MAX IV is located on the outskirt of Lund and hence it might be a good plan to buy some food and bring with you from the city center to MAX IV.


Coffee machines are placed in different locations throughout MAX IV and the coffee is free for all. There are a couple of coffee machines using fresh milk and those are turned off during weekends (Friday 15.00 – Monday 07.30).

Fresh fruit

Fruit is available free of charge on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. There are fruit baskets are located in the D-building dining room on the 2nd floor and the E-building dining room on the 4th floor.


There are stoves, ovens, microwaves as well as refrigerators available for use in the kitchens on the 4th floor of the E-building.
If you bring food, please use the refrigerators marked “User fridge” in the small preparation kitchen and do not forget to mark your food items with your name.

Vending machines

Vending machines can be found on the ground floor and on the 4th floor in the E-building, and on the 1st floor in the D-building. Only payment by credit card is accepted.

The vending machines offer frozen and chilled meals, fresh salads, baguettes, and sweets.

Food trucks

There are food trucks visiting MAX IV multiple times per week, often between 11.30 am – 1.30 pm. The food trucks are parked just outside the MAX IV main entrance (E-building).

Please be aware that it is out of MAX IV control when/if the food trucks visit, but feel free to ask at the reception for updated days and times.


The closest restaurants to MAX IV are located in the southern Brunnshög area of Lund, the tram stops at two locations:

  • Lund Solbjer
  • Lund Telefonplan

Or it’s approx. a 15-minute walk from MAX IV or 5 minutes by bike.

Online food delivery

In Lund you can order food through
The address to MAX IV main entrance E-building is: Fotongatan 2, 224 84 Lund
When ordering food outside of the reception opening hours, please make sure you are by the entrance to collect it upon arrival.

Grocery stores close to MAX IV

NameAddressOpening hours*Distance
HemköpSolbjersvägen 32 Monday – Sunday
1 km
Tram, 2 stops to: “Lund Solbjer”
WillysMagistratsvägen 22Monday – Saturday
1,5 km
ICA Nära TornetUardavägen 131Monday – Sunday
1,7 km
Tram, 3 stops to: “Lund Telefonplan”
LIDLMagistratsvägen 6Monday – Friday
2,4 km
ICA Supermarket FäladstorgetFäladstorget 14Monday – Sunday
2,4 km

* Please be aware that opening hours can change on short notice due to national holidays etc.

MAX IV is located in the North East of Lund, outside of the city center, see map at the bottom of this page.

Travel to, and in Lund

The closest international airport to Lund is Copenhagen Airport (Kastrup) in Denmark. It takes about 35 minutes from the airport to Lund Central Station by train. Train tickets from Kastrup to Lund C can be purchased from:

  • The Swedish Skånetrafiken ticket machines.
  • Through the Skånetrafiken app (check your appstore)
  • The Danish DSB ticket machines or DSB ticket office in the arrivals hall at Copenhagen Airport.
  • While traveling in Lund (the green city buses and tram) you can use contactless payment to pay for a ticket, read more here:
    Skånetrafiken – Köp biljett (in the upper right corner you find a globe with the text “Översätt” or “Translate”, pick “Engelska” for English)

Please note that you need to buy the ticket before you enter the train and that you cannot purchase a ticket on the train.

Groups of two or more people will receive a discount if buying the “Duo”/”Family”/”Together” type of ticket. If you buy a ticket from Copenhagen Airport to Lund, it will also be valid on the tram from Lund C to MAX IV.

The closest airport in Sweden is Malmö Airport. From Malmö Airport, there are coaches  called “Flygbussarna“ to Malmö C, where you can then take a train to Lund C.

The tram from Lund C to MAX IV runs every 15 or 20 minutes, you can search a journey on

  • From: Lund C
  • To: Lund MAX IV

The tram ride from Lund C to MAX IV takes about 11 minutes. You can buy the ticket in the mentioned Skånetrafiken app, or in the ticket machines at Lund C. Please note that you must buy your ticket before you start your trip and that no tickets are sold on the tram.


To book a taxi, contact Cabonline +46 8 744 9560 or book online at
The address to MAX IV is Fotongatan 2, 224 84 Lund.

Parking at MAX IV

There are three ways to pay for the parking at MAX IV:

  • At the reception you can buy a day ticket for 30 SEK.
  • Pay in the machine placed at the parking
  • Pay with the Parkster app on your mobile phone.


MAX IV have a few bicycles that users can borrow. To borrow a bicycle, please visit the reception and ask about availability. It is not possible to make a reservation in advance, this works on a “first come, first served” basis.

The bicycles must be returned as per agreement with the Reception. If returning the keys outside of reception opening hours, please place them in the red “mail box” situated at the reception counter


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