Once completed, the DanMAX experiment station will host two instruments for powder diffraction and one for full-field imaging and tomography. Currently, we have the first of the powder diffraction instruments, PXRD2D, and the imaging instrument in the user program. The second powder diffraction instrument, HERDi, is scheduled for installation in late 2024. On this page and subpages, you can find detailed information about the instruments, the available detectors/cameras, sample environments, other beamline equipment, and laboratory equipment.

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The beam delivered to the experimental station has variable energy from 15 – 35 keV. It is possible to use either the ‘high energy resolution’ mode, (∆E/E~1e-4, hDCM Si111) or the ‘high intensity’ mode, (∆E/E~1e-2, hMLM) at all three instruments.

The beam size varies only slightly between the three instruments. The beam size at the PXRD2D instrument is about 1.2 mm and can be focused to below 20 µm (vertical) for most energies. The exact focus size varies for different energies. A beam viewer (incorporating knife edges) is available and can be mounted on the PXRD2D sample position for rapid visualizing of the beam and measuring the focus sizes. The imaging microscope can be used directly for focusing on the imaging instrument.

DanMAX Beam Viewer installed at on the PXRD2D instrument to image the beam
Beam viewer on the PXRD2D instrument at DanMAX.

The final conditioning of the beam is performed using the ‘Beam Conditioning Unit’ (BCU) located at the upstream end of the experimental hutch. This unit is placed on a large granite block for increased stability and includes: Beam position monitor (position and intensity), ‘fast’ shutter (~10 ms), attenuators, Zr, and Ag energy reference foils, alignment laser, decoherer, and slits. All equipment is placed on X95 rails and carriages and can be removed/replaced for other equipment if needed.

DanMAX beam conditioning unit in EH1
DanMAX beam conditioning unit. Beam enters from the right sides.

An evacuated flight tube is used for beam transport to the PXRD2D instrument.

More information about the beam, optics and the undulator can be found here: X-ray source and optics

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