Resolution4.0 nm at 20kV(High Vacuum)
15 nm at 1kV(High Vacuum)
5.0 nm at 20kV (Low Vacuum)
Magnification6x-300,000x (photo mode)​
16x-800,000x (on display)
Accelerating voltage0.3 to 20 kV​
Specimen stage and positioning3-Axis Motorized Stage​
X : 0 – 50 mm
Y : 0 – 40 mm
Z : 5 to 33 mm
Rotation : 360o
Tilt : -15o to +90o
Electron gunPre-center cartridge filament​ (W/Th)
DetectorsEverhart Thornley Secondary Electron Detector​
High sensitivity semiconductor BSE detector
Energy dispersive X-ray detector (EDS)*
Automatic Image adjustmentAuto brightness/contrast​ (ABCC)
Auto focus control (AFC)
Auto astigmatism correction & focus (ASF)
Auto filament saturation (AFS)
Auto beam alignment (ABA)
Auto start 
Image data saving640×480,
5120×3840 pixels​
Auxiliary FunctionsRaster rotation​
Dynamic focus
Image enhancement
Data input (measurement between two points, measurement of angle, characters)
Preset magnifcation
Stage location navigation system (SEM Map)
Beam marking
Report creator