Photograph of SoftiMAX team and a data image

SoftiMAX is a soft X-ray beamline, dedicated to spectromicroscopy and coherent imaging. The beamline will operate in the photon energy range between 275 eV and 2.5 keV and have two branch lines: one for STXM and Ptychography with a sub-100 nm focus, and one modular line for coherent techniques that require a larger beam size. Only the first branch is available at this time.

Proposal call for VT2024

In 2024, SoftiMAX will host the SOPHIE end-station from the Swiss Light Source, which also features STXM and ptychography. It will be available for general users, instead of the regular SoftiMAX STXM end-station. Please see the Experimental station page for more information.

SoftiMAX is funded through Vetenskapsrådet.

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