The Low Density Matter branch is housing 1) the mobile coincidence spectroscopy end station (ICEIons in Coincidence with Electrons) at the upstream (EB01) position and 2) the permanently installed LDM-PES endstation at the downstream (EB02) position.

LDM – ICE endstation

Information on the LDM-ICE end station can be found on the Low Density Matter at MAX IV page or by contacting Noelle Walsh.

LDM-PES endstation

The permanent endstation at the LDM branch is dedicated to photoelectron and x-ray absorption spectroscopy studies on separate atoms and molecules, cluster beams, liquid beams, surfaces, and thin films. It comprises three chambers: an ionization chamber with Scienta SES R4000 electron spectrometer, preparation chamber with sample transfer and treatment facilities, and a fast introduction chamber with a sample garage. Main characteristics of this system are described below.

Ionization and Analysis Chamber

Base pressure10-8 mbar
Gas inputGas-sending system with 4 separate gas lines and 1 liquid vapor line (under construction)
Beam size at sample 120 x (10-100, slit dependent) μm2, can be increased on demand

Magnetic shieldingμ-metal
DetectionScienta R4000 spectrometer with MCP/CCD detector
Sample delivery1. Solid samples on sample manipulator
2. Molecular/cluster beams from a dedicated sample delivery system (to be booked well in advance)
3. Liquid beams from a dedicated liquid jet source (to be booked well in advance)
4. Solid samples transferred from an argon glove box docked to Introduction chamber

Preparation Chamber

Base pressure10-9 mbar
Sample manipulation 600 mm Z-travel XYZ VG Omniax manipulator with a rotation stage in horizontal arrangement
Sputter gunYes (IS 40C1 from Prevac)
DosingGas-sending system with 4 separate gas lines and 1 liquid vapor line (under construction)

Sample Introduction Chamber

Base pressure10-8 mbar
Sample manipulationMagnetic transfer arm to match the manipulator in preparation chamber
Sample storageCapacity: 6 samples