The main measurement chamber on the A-branch maintains a base pressure in the 10-11mbar range, and has a double μ-metal liner for residual magnetic field < 0.1μT.

The analyzer is a DA30-L from ScientaOmicron. This is capable of an angular resolution <0.1° (0.12° demonstrated) and energy resolution <2meV (5meV demonstrated, noise reduction efforts ongoing). Notably, this analyzer is capable of electronic deflection to simulate a polar rotation without moving the sample.


The measurement manipulator is a 6-axis ‘Carving’ from SPECS GmbH. It has recently been converted to a closed-cycle helium cryocooler, with a base temperature on the sample of 20K. Arbitrary measurements temperatures from 20K to 400K are possible.

The manipulator has <1μm linear precision and <0.1° angular precision. It is possible to bias samples while measuring, and also to pass currents of up to 5A continuous / 15A pulsed through samples. Top-post cleaving on the manipulator is possible. A cluster alkali source (Rb,K,CS) is installed, but it is not possible to deposit while measuring.

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