Hff Chip (2)

Here is a list of externally funded projects associated with the Balder beamline.


SSF ITM-170375 grant for “AdaptoCell for MAX IV Laboratory users” 3 year project started in 2019 – end Dec 2022

PI – Kajsa Sigfridsson Clauss

Postdoctoral researchers: Pushparani Micheal Raj, Anna Fornell

Links to news about the project: November 2018


SSF ITM-170276 grant for “In-FORM: In-situ multi-parameter Analysis Platform” 3 year project started in 2019

PI – Eva Unger/Justus Just

Postdoctoral researchers: Matteo Chiambezi, Jiatu Liu


Chalmers University of Technology

PI: Justus Just

Postdoctoral researcher: Mahesh Ramakrishnan

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