ForMAX allows multiscale and multimodal structural characterization of hierarchical materials by an unique combination of full-field microtomography on microscopic length scales with small-and wide-angle x-ray scattering (SWAXS) on nanoscopic legth scales. Full-field imaging and scattering can be carried out in a sequential manner and the switching between modes is efficient. The temporal resolution is sufficient to follow material processing in situ.

Formax Proposals

About 60% of proposals to ForMAX request multiscale structure characterization by either (i) scanning SWAXS imaging or (ii) combined (scanning) SWAXS and full-field tomographic imaging, while about 30% request standard SWAXS or tomography experiments and approximately 10% request niche experiments utilizing our unique x-ray beam properties. In terms of scientific applications, almost half of the proposals deal with development of new materials from forest resources, approximately a quarter each with other materials science questions and biomedical imaging, and about 10% with food science.