Synchrotron experiments are complex and beamtime is precious. Please keep the following in mind, in order to maximize the chance of success for your experiment:

  • In the beginning of the experiment, the local contact holds a mandatory safety training for all participants in the experiment. At this occasion, the local contact also gives training on how to operate the beamline, which is essential for a successful experiment. If participants cannot attend this training, they need to agree in advance with the local contact on an alternative training session.
  • Every experiment at ForMAX is unique. It takes at least a shift (four hours) to set up a new experiment. The same holds if you want to change the setup (e.g., x-ray energy or focus, new sample environment) during an experiment. Please plan your experiment accordingly.
  • Your local contact assists you with setting up the experiment. If you have any needs from the beamline that was not specifically described in the proposal, please be in touch with the local contact at least four weeks prior to your experiment. See the beamline homepage for an up-to-date description of the beamline.
  • While the experiment runs 24 hours a day, your local contact is only on call 8-23 on weekdays and 8-20 on weekends and holidays. Please plan your experiment accordingly.
  • Many users bring their own sample environment with a control laptop. The preferred option is to keep the control laptop in the experimental hutch and connect to it remotely. For this purpose, the laptop needs to be equipped with a working USB-C connector and NoMachine.

It is mandatory to acknowledge MAX IV and it’s funders when publishing results based on your experiment. For detailed information about the acknowledgment, see our user policies.