FragMAX offers different access routes and just drop us a line in case you are uncertain which one is best for you. Overall, academic users can apply twice a year for access to the FragMAX facility through regular calls for proposals at MAX IV Laboratory. Moreover, we can offer fast access to a limited number of proposals each year for time-critical projects. European users can apply through the iNEXT discovery program at any point throughout the year. Industrial users should contact the MAX IV industrial relations office for further information.

We encourage all users to get in touch before you apply to discuss the technical feasibility of your project. We also kindly ask that applicants fill in a crystal survery document to facilitate evaluation of technical feasibility: FragMAX_Crystal_Survey.docx

Application process


Technical feasibility

Send us an email so that we can arrange a ZOOM meeting to discuss the technical feasibility of your project. We will also give you some insights into how the facility and screening process works. Additionally, we will advise on the optimal access route for your project. Please send us the crystal survey document before the meeting.


Prepare your application

Swedish and non-European users can apply through the MAX IV user program. European users should apply through iNEXT Discovery.

Prepare and submit your application through the MAX IV DUO system. Please note that there is currently no specific application route for FragMAX projects in DUO, i.e. you need to apply for beamtime at BioMAX:

  • Select Proposal Type: Normal (or Fast Access)
  • Select Research Area: Structural Biology
  • Select Beamlines: BioMAX
  • Describe you project and mention FragMAX in the title or abstract

Go to the iNEXT Discovery website and press “Apply for Access“.

Once you are logged in, select “Fragment/Ligand Screening” and choose ”Fragment Screening, MAX IV, Lund, Sweden”. The site will guide you through the application process. Please note that iNEXT strongly enourages users to contact the facilities before they apply.

User policies

Academic users can access all aspects of the facility free of charge. All experiments at FragMAX are governed by MAX IV user policies.