An illustration of Balders x-ray source and optics
From left to right: in-vacuum wiggler, FE mask, wall, low-E filters, alignment laser, CM, DCM, slit, fluorescent screen, FM, slit, fluorescent screen, sample

Source: in-vacuum wiggler

Total length2 m
Period50 mm
Minimum magnetic gap4.2 mm
Maximum deflection parameter (K max)9
Maximum effective field1.93 T
Critical energy11.5 keV
Total power at minimum gap and 500 mA ring current21 kW
Power in 400h×100v µrad2 (the Front End acceptance)
at minimum gap and 500 mA ring current
1.2 kW


Front End mask400h×100v µrad2
Low-E filters3 diamond filters of different thickness
Collimating mirror (CM)silicon, slot cooling with liquid Ga bath,
Si, Pt stripes, with bender
Double crystal monochromator (DCM)direct drive motor for Bragg axis,
Si111 and Si311 pairs,
flat crystals, piezo on 2nd crystal
Focusing mirror (FM)Pt-coated and bare silica toroids of equal sagittal radii, with bender

The main beamline optical components were provided by FMB-Oxford (DCM, filters and diagnostics), Irelec (mirror mechanics) and SESO (mirror optics).

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