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FASM and MAX IV warmly invite MAX IV user communities, students, researchers, newly interested persons and collective to the 34th MAX IV User Meeting: “Collaboration in Focus”, 3-5 October 2022, at Scandic Star Hotel, Lund, Sweden. The registration is open 4 July – 23 September 2022.

The year 2020 and 2021 have been challenging for synchrotron users in general. Therefore, the 34th MAX IV User Meeting: “Collaboration in Focus”, is meant to revitalize and rebuild the network and collaborations. The meeting will highlight various current and potential networks and collaborations surrounding MAX IV on the national and international level*.

This network rejuvenation will be best achieved through an on-site meeting to allow MAX IV users to reconnect, discuss, and collaborate directly and personally. This is important because MAX IV user community has been instrumental in directing the future developments and improvements of the facility. However, this does not exclude a potential hybrid meeting model in the future.

MAX IV Laboratory strongly encourages student participation at the User Meeting. Our two student-centered awards, The MAX IV Student Science Award and the MAX IV PhD Thesis Award, provide students with an opportunity to gain visibility for their work and ideas, facilitating their integration into the research community and allowing them to initiate and develop networking within the synchrotron radiation research community. Preparing a quality poster/presentation, not only demonstrates a student’s expertise in their subject matter, but also deepens their understanding of the topic and encourages them to develop their scientific communication skills. The MAX IV Student Science Award participants and the MAX IV PhD Thesis Award winner are required to join the meeting on-site.

The 34th MAX IV User Meeting will host several sessions and workshops covering discussions on:

  1. The collaborative efforts surrounding MAX IV
  2. Spectroscopy, diffraction, and imaging
  3. MAX IV for industry applications
  4. Education and outreach efforts
  5. MAX IV Students Science Award 2022
  6. MAX IV PhD Thesis Award 2022
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