Below is the historic programme for the User Meeting in 2024.

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Monday 15 January – Plenary

Registration, Lunch


Room: Theatre

– Viktor Öwall,
Lund University (SE)
13:05“Current state and perspective of Swedish large scale research infrastructure”
– Lisbeth Olsson,
13:15MAX IV status and overview
– Olof “Charlie” Karis, Director
13:50Accelerator status
– Pedro Tavares, Accelerator Director
 – Jean Daillant,
Synchrotron SOLEIL (FR)
15:00☕ Coffee break
15:30 Alfa Laval – Collaboration with scientific experts accelerates our success
– Magnus Fredriksson, Alfa Laval (SE)
– Filip Lenrick, Lund University (SE)
– Stephen Hall, Lund University (SE)
16:00Science status and developments
– Marjolein Thunnissen, Life Science Director
– Aymeric Robert, Physical Science Director
17:00FASM – Annual meeting / SSUO news including election of new board
17:30Poster session with refreshments:
Student poster competition and beamline posters

Tuesday 16 January – Scientific parallel sessions

Advanced Materials
for a Sustainable Future

Room: Theatre

The session aims to discuss MAX IV’s contribution to supporting materials scientists’ needs in studying advanced materials for a sustainable future and circular economy. The talks will highlight the use of synchrotron-generated X-rays in the materials’ design, production, properties, performance, and applications. Particular attention will be paid to the use of high coherence, brightness, and low emittance of the MAX IV 3 GeV ring. The session will also feature presentations of the future Diffraction, Imaging, and Spectroscopy beamline projects for materials research.

Organisers: Mads Ry Jørgensen, Samuel Mcdonald, Andrey Shavorskiy

08:50Keynote: TBA
Kristiina Oksman,
Luleå University of Technology (SE)
09:20Wise management
Olle Eriksson,
Uppsala University (SE)
“Clay minerals as
sustainable nanomaterials:
From science to innovation”
– Jon Otto Fossum,
Norwegian University of
Science and Technology (NO)
09:50☕ Coffee break
10:20Keynote: TBA
– Tejs Vegge,
Technical University of Denmark (DK)
– Maria Hahlin,
Uppsala University (SE)
11:20“Orientation across length scales in simple shear”
– Roland Kadar,
Chalmers University of Technology (SE)
11:40“Designing materials on the nanoscale
– insights from in situ studies
of material formation”
– Kirsten Jensen,
University of Copenhagen (DK)
12:00🥪 Lunch
13:00“In operando studies
of electrocatalytic reactions”
– Nina Lock,
Aarhus University (DK)
13:20“Operando studies of
ultrathin metal oxide catalysts”
– Lindsay Merte,
Malmö University (SE)
– Ute Cappel,
Uppsala University (SE)
– MAX IV Staff
14:30☕ Coffee break
15:00Keynote: “Industrial catalysis
in the (X-ray) spotlight”
– Thomas Sheppard,
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (DE)
15:30“Operando Studies of Interfaces
in Advanced Electronics”
– Rainer Timm,
Lund University (SE)
15:50“Spectromicroscopic insights
into bonding at boundaries:
cases in photocatalysts
and advanced steels”
– Wei Cao,
Oulu University (FI)
16:10“Sintering in Second –
New Approach to Sustainable Magnets”
– Mogens Christenssen,
Aarhus University (DK)
16:30“XAS a key for Safe Secondary
Use of Residual Waste Streams”
– Jenny Rissler,
Lund University & RISE
16:50“The Oxygen Evolution Drives
Passivity Breakdown
of Ni-Cr-Mo Alloys”
– Alfred Larsson,
Lund University (SE)

General life science

Room: Knowledge

The session aims to give an overview of Life Science experiments at MAX IV and covers experiments within microscopy and imaging, scattering, spectroscopy and diffraction. A specialized morning session will be dedicated to time-resolved studies using different techniques while while the afternoon will focus on other methods including imaging and crystallography. A wide array of topics within Life Science will be presented including drug discovery, enzymology, pathology, bone as well as environmental studies.

Organizers:  Thomas Ursby, Marjolein Thunnissen

8:30“Exploring Correlated Atom
Displacements in Protein Crystals
through Femtosecond X-ray Snapshots
and their Impact on Biomedical Sciences”
– Gergely Katona,
University of Gothenburg (SE)
8:50“Developing fixed-target instrumentation
for time-resolved crystallography at
the SwissFEL Cristallina experimental station”
– Michal Kepa,
Paul Scherrer Institut (CH)
9:10“Time-resolved serial crystallography
with JUNGFRAU detector
and Jungfraujoch data acquisition system”
– Filip Leonarski,
Paul Scherrer Institut (CH)
9:30“Opportunities for Serial
Crystallography at MAX IV”
– Monika Bjelcic,
10:00☕ Coffee break
10:30“Time-resolved X-ray crystallography
on membrane proteins:
Watching ions moving in time and space”
– Przemysław Nogły,
Jagiellonian University (PL)
11:00“Wired life – insights into unique
enzymes from cable bacteria”
– Thomas Boesen,
 Aarhus University (DK)
11:20“Kinetic properties of liquid-liquid
phase separation on
the prion-like protein Sc Ent-5″
– Lucas Defelipe,
European Molecular Biology Laboratory

Hamburg (DE)
11:50Wrap up and discussion

After lunch program

– James Everett
Keele University (UK)
14:00“Mapping uranium biodistribution in the nematodes Caenorhabditis elegans using nano-XRF analysis”
– Lisa Rossbach,
Norwegian University of Life Science
s (NO)
14:20“Unravelling Fe S and Zn
pathophysiology of
Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis”
– Bryan Falcones,
Lund University (SE)
14:40“Biomineral structure of
lizard osteoderm capping tissue”
– Adrian Rodriguez
Århus University (DK)
15:00☕ Coffee break
15:30“SAXS mapping of structural
components with relevance
for the rupture of atherosclerotic
plaques to prevent strokes
and heart attacks”
– Martin Bech
Lund University (SE)
15:50“STXM study of Salla disease
mouse model tissues and patient cells”
Tuomas Mansikkala
University of Oulu (FI)
16:10“Time-resolved studies using Balder”
– Kewei Zhao
Princeton University (US)
16:30“Structural and functional analysis of
aquaporin-2 mutants involved
in nephrogenic diabetes insipidus”
– Susanna Törnroth-Horsefield
Lund University (SE)

– Anders Bjornholm Dahl
Technical University of Denmark (DK)
17:10Protein production platform
– Malin Backström
University of Gothenburg (SE)

Spectroscopy at MAX IV

Room: Brainstorming

Highlighting the science done with the MAX IV spectroscopy beamlines and giving example user science cases from selected areas. We cover a wide range of science areas within the technique ranging from Low Density Matter (LDM) to quantum materials to surface science to catalysis.

Organiser: Esko Kokkonen

08:30“Surface sensitive spectroscopic
corrosion and electrocatalysis studies”
Edvin Lundgen,
Lund University (SE)
09:00“ALD nucleation of copper films
studied by XPS and XAS”
– Marcin Sikora,
University of Science and Technology (PL)
09:20“Pb-intercalated epitaxial graphene on SiC:
Charge transfer mechanism,
heterostack alignment
and spin-split interlayer bands”
– Bharti Matta,
MPI Solid State Research (DE)
09:40“Atomically Sharp and High-Density Sb
Doping in Si for use in Quantum Devices”
– Simon Cooil,
University of Oslo (NO)
10:00 ☕ Coffee break
10:30“Luminescence spectroscopy
of Sc-containing complex
oxides at FinEstBeAMS”
– Dmitry Spasskiy,
University of Tartu (EE)
10:50“A new sample delivery system
for x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy
studies of in-flight aerosol
and free nanoparticles”
– Calle Preger,
Lund University (SE)
11:10“Magnetic bottle:
Multi-electron coincidence
spectroscopy on gases, clusters,
and liquids at MAX IV”
– Andreas Hans,
University of Kassel (DE)
11:30“The Veritas swing arm
waves goodbye to
the dipole approximation:
RIXS on the oxygen molecule,
but on what atom?”
– Jan-Erik Rubensson,
Uppsala University (SE)
11:50“Intense Chemical Reactivity
on Aerosol Particle Surfaces”
– Xiangrui Kong,
University of Gothenburg (SE)

🥪 Lunch

Coherent methods
and the new CXI branchline

Room: Brainstorming

This session will emphasize the opportunities and challenges in exploiting some of the unique properties of 4th generation synchrotron sources, particularly X-ray coherence. These light sources provide a dramatic increase in X-ray coherent flux, especially at long wavelengths. Some contributions will relate to the ongoing activities at our SoftiMAX beamline, among which the development of a branchline dedicated to Coherent X-ray Diffraction, but also soft X-ray speckle spectroscopy techniques. We also welcome contributions about experiments performed with coherent X-rays of much shorter wavelengths.

Organiser: Jörg Schwenke

13:00“Understanding complex phase
transition pathways using
coherent soft X-ray Scattering”
– Sujoy Roy,
Berkeley Lab (US)
13:45“The new SoftiMAX-CXI
branch and a new end-station”
– Jörg Schwenke,
14:05“Bragg Ptychography: why bother?”
– Gerardina Carbone,
14:30☕ Coffee break
15:00“Soft X-ray photon correlations
and full-field imaging of quantum materials”
– Martin Beye,
Stockholm University (SE)
– Michael Schneider,
Max Born Institute (DE)
16:00“Imaging opportunities at
diffraction-limited storage rings”
– Pablo Villanueva Perez,
Division of Synchrotron Radiation Research,
Lund University (SE)
17:00“Imaging Ferroic Order with
Soft X-ray Ptychography”
– Tim Butcher,
Paul Scherrer Institut (CH)

Industry session

Room: Future

 Industry reports on experiences and lessons learned

10:00☕ Coffee break
10:30“Bonding of materials for
the new energy landscape
supported by synchrotron
radiation characterisation”
– Axel Knutsson
Alfa Laval

“Gemba by X-ray”
– Christel Andersson and Eskil Andreasson
Tetra Pak

“Residual stress measurements
on large bearing components
– SKF activities at
large scale facilities”
– Claes Olsson

“Materials characterization at Topsoe, and our use of synchrotron facilities”
– Lars Fahl Lundegaard,

Open discussion
12:00🥪 Lunch

18:30 – Dinner! 😋
For everyone with the additional dinner registration, dining will take place at Scandic Hotel

Wednesday 17 January – Plenary and beamline visits

09:00Science Talk: “Does complying with international fuel
regulations make ships mobile weather modification machines?”
– Erik S. Thomson
University of Gothenburg (SE)
09:30Science Talk: “Real-time observations reveal new opportunities
on the ultrafast time scales in nanostructured quantum materials”
– Maciej Lorenc
CNRS, University of Rennes (FR)
10:00☕ Coffee break
10:40Pfeiffer-Vacuum: “Energy-efficient vacuum applications with our new HiScroll”
– Dirk Budelmann
10:50Smaract – Your Partner for High Precision in Positioning, Automation and Metrology
– Philipp Berger
11:00“Roadmap process for new instrumentation (general introduction)”
– Yngve Cerenius, Deputy Director
11:15“Status and conceptual design for a future beamline for imaging in life science”
– Marjolein Thunnissen, Life Science Director
11:30“Status WISE and beamlines supporting materials science”
– Aymeric Robert, Physical Science Director
11.40“Conceptual design for a future spectroscopy beamline supporting materials science”
– Andrey Shavorskiy,
11:50“Conceptual design for a future imaging beamline supporting materials science”
– Rajmund Mokso,
Lund University (SE)
12:00“Conceptual design for a future diffraction beamline supporting materials science”
– Stefan Carlson,
12:15🥪 Lunch
13:15Bus transfer to MAX IV

The afternoon sessions will take place at MAX IV. We provide Bus transfer from Scandic to MAX IV (requires pre-registration), there will be no Bus back to the Scandic. MAX IV is conveniently connected with the city centre and central station by the tram. Single ride tickets for the tram can be easily purchased with any contactless credit card or Google / Apple pay on mobile phones by blipping at the terminals inside the tram (and bus).

Beamline sessions

Time:Session / visit:
The team meets Balder users to demonstrate recent advances in instrumentation,
control and data flow, discuss future plans and collect users’ wishes.
13:30FemtoMAX user session:
Beamline update, Linac update and future perspectives, 
user highlight, ultrafast spectroscopy at FemtoMAX and open discussion.
Remote participation is possible:
Updating the APXPS users of MAX IV on the latest improvements,
developments, and future plans of the SPECIES-APXPS and HIPPIE instruments.
The session will be hybrid. Onsite participants are welcome to join a beamline tour.
13:30Facility & Beamline visits (choose one):
– BioMAX / MicroMAX
– FlexPES / FinestBeAMS
– NanoMAX / DanMAX
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