Users are required to register their Experimental reports within three months of completing their experiments. You can read more about this on the User Policies page.

Please note: BAG Reporting is different to regular reporting due to the duration of BAG proposals, find BAG-specific reportinginstructions in this page.

To register your Experimental Report, log in to DUO and go to:

  • Section: Reporting & Publications
  • Link: Experimental reports

The steps when registering an Experimental report are:

In this step you choose which of your proposals you want to fill in an Experimental report for:

  • Click the [Select] link to enter a new report
  • Click the [View] link to see an already uploaded report

Please note: It is not possible to “update” a current report, but it is possible to overwrite it with a completely new file.

In this step you register the actual report, there are two ways to do so:

  • “PDF” – upload the report in PDF file format
  • “Textbox” – fill in your report in plain text online

Please note: the third step “Upload figures” is only available to you if you pick “Textbox”, as otherwise you can insert any figures in the PDF you upload.

This step only becomes available if you chose to fill in your report via “Textbox”. Since step two was then “plain text”, you can now upload a file containing any figures relevant for your Experimental report.

description Download Experimental report template

description Download T&E Experimental report template