The Association for Synchrotron Radiation Users at MAX IV

All active users of the former MAX-lab and the new MAX IV facility are regarded as members, and all scientists with an interest in synchrotron light based research are welcome to be members.

FASM aims to have fast and efficient communication with the MAX IV management to improve the working conditions and the quality of the experiments at the new MAX IV facility. Members of FASM are therefore welcome to communicate current and future needs with the FASM board. At the same time FASM disseminates information to the members about the plans and prospects within the MAX IV organisation.

FASMs mission is increasingly important as the user community is growing rapidly and more scientific disciplines are represented as users at MAX IV. In view of this FASM will introduce a number of proposals aimed to strengthen the activities within the MAX IV organisation and be of further aid to new users.

Becoming a member

Scientists interested in becoming members of the association for Synchrotron Radiation Users at MAX IV should contact: