X-ray source (EPU)Elliptically polarising undulator, 48 mm period, 11 mm minimal gap, 3.9 m magnetic length
Energy (wavelength) range275 – 1600 eV (50 – 8 Å) using 1st harmonic of the EPU
Monochromator (cPGM)Collimated plane grating monochromator, vertical dispersion, internally water cooled plane mirror and side-cooled gratings
Energy bandwidth50-100 x 10-3 ΔE/E (1200 l/mm, 2400 l/mm)
Focusing opticsToroidal collimating mirror, cylindrical horizontal focusing
Toroidal collimating mirror M11.0o grazing incidence angle, side reflecting. 0.15/0.8 arcsec RMS slope error
Cylindrical focusing mirror M31.5o grazing incidence angle. 0.1/0.25 arcsec RMS slope error
Ellipsoidal refocusing mirror M41.5o grazing incidence angle. 0.1/0.5 arcsec RMS slope error
Beam size at sample (56.7 m)1 x 5 μm2 (FWHM, vertical x horizontal)
Divergence at sample0.1 x 0.1 mrad2 (FWHM)
Flux at sample1 x 1012 ph/s @500 eV and 10 meV bandwith
Mirror mountingFive-axis parallel kinematic mounting (Agåker et al., J. Synchrotron Rad. 27 (2020))