The Bio & Chem labs at MAX IV are the central laboratory facility for the support of synchrotron experiments that are carried out at various beamlines and also for in-house research. The lab complements the various beamline-attached sample preparation facilities and are being developed to offer extended instrumentation access and support. The labs are available for the users with function of both basic operation such as fume hoods, pipettes, balances, hot plates, ultrasonic baths, ovens, cold storage (4°C, -20°C, -80°C, -152°C), chemical cabinets, supply of ultra pure water, waste disposal facilities etc. and more advanced instrumentation, see description on the web page of each lab.

User information

Access Policy

For general enquiries on the support labs, please contact your local contact or the lab manager of Bio/Chem labs. Users are advised to contact the lab manager to enquire about the use of specific equipment well in advance of their visit to MAX IV​.​  Users are advised to book the lab and conduct risk assessment at least 2 weeks before their arrival. A face to face induction is required to get the access to the Bio/Chem labs. The access is valid during the beamtime and for one year. Users will be contacted after their booking is confirmed to book the time for induction.

Guide for booking a lab

  • Log in to the lab booking site using your DUO credentials
Book laboratories
  • Choose the lab you would like to work in by clicking on the name of the lab. The location of the labs are shown on the map on the home page of the MAX IV support labs.
  • Choose the chemical lab that is closest to your beamline or the one equipped with your requested instrument.
  • Click on the time slot and a work area on the calendar (Each work area is a bench in the labs, which work area number is not important as long as it is available; if you need two benches to work at book two work areas that are next to each other)
  • A “Booking Form” window appears- indicate the Start and End time of your experiment; Specify the proposal number of your beamtime unless if it is an internal booking from a staff; then click on Add Booking and continue to Risk Assessment. If an ESRA (Experimental Safety Risk Assessment form) has been filled for the proposal, no risk assessment is needed here; otherwise fill in the RA form carefully before the booking is completed.

Risk Assessment

  • On top of the page you have the opportunity to Copy from a previous risk assessment and modify if you have done a similar experiment before
  • Experiment Tile:  the title of your proposal
  • Assessment Date: the date you are filling in the form
  • Risk Classification: the score will be generated according to the risk level of the activities you fill in below
  • Experiment Description: Briefly describe the work that will be done in the Bio/Chem lab.
  • Equipment: Add the equipment (including consumables) you will need in the Bio/Chem lab, one item per row- click on Add row to add new item. A list of equipment in each lab can be found at the web page of each lab.
  • PPE: select the PPE you need for your work, if other PPE apart from listed is needed, indicate under the Equipment
  • Chemicals and Samples: Provide the information of all the samples and chemicals (including gas) that are associated with the experiment carried out in the Bio/Chem lab.
  • If there is CMR substance involved, tick the box and fill out the CMR substitution investigation form and send it to ChemSafety at MAX IV.
  • Activity: list all the activities you will carry out in the lab in steps; analyze the risks and provide prevention plan.
  • Confirm that you have done the risk assessment and Submit. If a residual risk level is higher than 4, it need to be digitally approved by your line manager/principle investigator.

Once the booking is completed, the lab responsible at MAX IV will send you an email with confirmation and book a time with you for conducting a lab safety training when you are on site in order to issue the access to the labs. The access is valid for one year.

Safety information

Any work that is carried out in the Bio/Chem labs must be suitably risk assessed in the ESRA form or the lab booking form. Please contact the lab manager​ if you need more information.

Page manager: Yang Chen August 26, 2022