The Bio & Chem labs at MAX IV are the central laboratory facility for the support of synchrotron experiments that are carried out at various beamlines and also for in-house research. The lab complements the various beamline-attached sample preparation facilities as well as the sample environment lab and are being developed to offer extended instrumentation access and support. The labs are available for the users with function of both basic operation such as fume hoods, pipettes, balances, hot plates, ultrasonic baths, ovens, cold storage (4°C, -20°C, -80°C, -152°C), chemical cabinets, supply of ultra pure water, waste disposal facilities etc. and more advanced instrumentation, see description on the web page of each lab.

Ringmap3 Supportlabs

User information

Access Policy

For general enquiries on the support labs, please contact your local contact or the lab manager of Bio/Chem labs.

Users who need to have access to a biological or chemical lab should tick the box of “Lab access” in their ESRA form as below.

Esra Lab Access Yes

Once lab access request is indicated in the ESRA, users will receive a confirmation email from the Bio/Chem Support Lab team with further information about:

  • Arranging a face-to-face Lab Safety Training for lab access
  • Specific equipment needs such as Glovebox, Pellet Press, DLS etc.
  • Needs of consumables
  • Booking a lab bench or specific equipment

The lab access is valid during user beamtime and for one year, and access to the biological lab and the chemical labs are issued separately.

Book laboratories

Guide for booking a lab

  • To login to the Lab Booking page externally, one needs to fist connect to the MAX IV VPN.
  • Log in to the lab booking site using your DUO credentials
  • Choose the chemical lab that is closest to your beamline or the one equipped with your requested instrument.
  • Click on the time slot and a work area on the calendar (Each work area is a bench in the labs, which work area number is not important as long as it is available; if you need two benches to work at book two work areas that are next to each other). Gloveboxes are bookable in the calendar as well.
  • A “Booking Form” window appears- indicate the Start and End time of your experiment; Specify the proposal number of your beamtime, and then click on Add Booking. If an ESRA (Experimental Safety Risk Assessment form) has been filled for the proposal, the booking is completed.

Safety information

Any work that is carried out in the Bio/Chem labs must be suitably risk assessed in the ESRA form or the lab booking form. Everyone is responsible for keeping the labs a safe place to work in. If you need more information regarding PPE, chemical safety and chemical waste handling, contact the Chemical Safety Team.

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