Fast piezoelectric valves can be installed to provide short chemical perturbations to a sample in the form of gas pulses. Synchronization of the valves with the delay-line detector (DLD) allows the response of the sample to measured with microsecond time resolution. This capability is new and is offered in collaboration with the beamline staff – please contact us to discuss.

Sample mountingOmicron plates (as per the solid-gas endstation) on a 3 axis x,y,z manipulator.
Sample heatingUp to ~550 C via a resistive heater
Sample preparationNo UHV sample preparation is available. Samples must be prepared outside and transferred via air (or inert atmosphere using the glove box). The preparation chamber in the solid-gas endstation can be used for ex-situ sample preparation.
Base pressure~ 5e-6 mbar
Time resolutionLimited by the gas pulses (microseconds) and not by the DLD
AvailableAvailable, but please contact beamline staff before submitting a proposal.

The figure below shows time-resolved O 1s spectra measured during pulsing CO (around 0 ms) into the flow of O2 on Pt(111) at 320 C. The right panel shows examples of spectra with 160 µs resolution measured at two different time delays.

Image 1