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The MAX IV 3 GeV storage ring (R3) is based on a novel multi-bend achromat lattice (MBA) for the production of ultra-bright hard x-ray radiation. The storage ring has a circumference of 528 m, comprises 20 achromats, and provides 19 straight sections of roughly 5 m length for insertion devices. As of today R3 serves 10 beamlines, as detailed here. The ultra-low emittance is the result of the strong focusing provided by the multi-bend achromat lattice. A fully NEG-coated copper vacuum system and highly compact magnets machined from common iron yokes provide the technical basis for the realization of this optics. The 3 GeV storage ring is the workhorse of the MAX IV facility and was the world’s first light source based on an MBA technology.

Circumference528 m
No. of long straight sections / no. of available ID straights20 / 19
InjectionFull-energy top-up from MAX IV Linac
Nominal current500 mA
Horizontal emittance~200 - 330 pm rad (depending on ID gap settings)
Vertical emittance2 - 8 pm rad (depending on user demand)
Typical horizontal beam size at ID center42 - 54 micron (depending on horizontal emittance)
Typical horizontal beam divergence at ID center4.7 - 6.1 urad (depending on ID gap settings)
Typical vertical beam size at ID center2 - 4 micron (depending on choice of vertical emittance)
Typical vertical beam divergence at ID center1 - 2 urad (depending on choice of vertical emittance)
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