The collaborative project between Balder and Chalmers University, Göteborg, is aiming to develop and implement (in-situ) X-ray diffraction capabilities simultaneously with X-ray spectroscopy in one experimental setup with sub-second time resolution. This project is framed in the exploration of new catalytic materials, their molecular function and ways to use them for environmental protection and chemical production without putting planetary boundaries for sustainability at risk.

User information about the developed multimodal in-situ XAS-XRD endstation can be found here.

Specific developments cover:

  • Multimodal XAS-XRD endstation for in-situ / in-operando experiments
  • Developments to push effective time resolution to its limits
  • Exploring DAFS (Diffraction Anomalous Fine Structure) as inherent combination of XAS and XRD

PI: Justus Just

Post-doctoral researcher: Mahesh Ramakrishnan

Period: 2020-2023

Total budget: 5.5 MSEK

Page manager: Justus Just January 31, 2023