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The Industrial Relations Office will help you make the best use of MAX IV. Whether you want to test your material’s capabilities, replicate your production environment, or validate your simulations with experimental data, synchrotron light allows you to study your product in unprecedented ways. 

New research findings from MAX IV can help you tackle R&D and production challenges, collect key data to strengthen your patents, and ultimately stay ahead of the competition in your field.

Our services include:

Proprietary beamtime

Proprietary beamtime provides fast access to our experimental stations (beamlines) and full confidentiality and IP control over your produced data. It is offered either as single purchase for one specific project or through a framework agreement for repeated access. If needed, we can set up a Non-Disclosure Agreement.

Read more in our step-by-step guide or contact the Industrial Relations Office to discuss your needs with us.

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On-site access

Most users come to MAX IV with their samples to perform their experiment on-site. During your time here, our highly qualified beamline staff will assist you. By being in the MAX IV environment you will gain new knowledge and meet skilled staff and visiting scientists from across the world. You will get the most out of your experiment and a chance to learn about other capabilities at MAX IV that may be relevant to your research.

After your time here, you can return home and work on the data with advice from our scientists.

Remote access

Our macromolecular crystallography beamline BioMAX offers the opportunity to collect data remotely. You can send your samples to MAX IV and access the beamline from wherever you are.

Learn more about the BioMAX beamline capabilities.

Fragment screening

Fragment screening is essential to the drug discovery pipeline. FragMAX, a modular screening platform at BioMAX, offers you support in all stages of the crystallographic fragment screening campaign. This includes access to fragment libraries, assistance with experimental design, sample preparation, data collection, and data analysis. Ask us about FragMAX or read more about the beamline here.

Peer-reviewed beamtime

The open access route into MAX IV is available for industry. Apply for open access beamtime free of charge and publish your results in a scientific journal.

Learn more about how to apply for peer-reviewed beamtime through our user guide. Are you looking for a research partner to team up with? Check out MAXESS Industry Arena or contact us at the Industrial Relations Office.

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MAX IV welcomes collaboration with scientific organisations and industry. Together, we can maximise the capabilities of the synchrotron use, and take your R&D to the next stage. We are open for joint post-doctoral researchers, PhD students and master students, or hosting your staff at MAX IV to establish a closer link to the synchrotron research opportunities. 

Contact us to start a discussion around your needs.

Other equipment

We also offer access to other types of research equipment: a SPM laboratory with AFM and STM, optics laboratory, electron accelerator laboratory, insertion device testing and tuning equipment, and a testbed environment for advanced metrology. Read more about our different labs and equipment on the Support labs page or ask us for more information.