Hand holding a pen signing a contract paper lying on a table.

Get a quotation

When your experiment has been outlined, we will send you a quotation for the beamtime and additional services. The quotation includes our terms and conditions.

Once the agreement has been signed by both parts, we will schedule the time slot for your experiment at MAX IV – your beamtime.

One-time purchase or framework agreement

If you only plan to conduct one single experiment at MAX IV, we will sign a one-time purchase agreement.

If your experiment requires you to access MAX IV on several occasions, we will sign a framework agreement. This does not oblige you to buy more beamtime at MAX IV, but provides the legal framework needed if you would like to do so.

The framework agreement is valid for minimum two years. Within that time period, you can buy more time at MAX IV by filling out a Statement of Work. A Statement of Work is a document that describes your experiment, the amount of beamtime and additional services required, the date for your experiment, and price.

When you have signed the quotation or Statement of Work, we will confirm the date with our scientists. Your experiment will be scheduled, and you will receive an email with a formal invitation to MAX IV.

Download documents

description Download MAX IV General terms and Conditions for Proprietary Access.pdf

description Download Quotation for Beamtime at MAX IV.docx

description Download Framework Agreement for Proprietary Access to MAX IV Laboratory.docx

description Download Statement of Work Template.docx

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