Welcome to MAX IV Industry Liaison Office, here you will be able to find information about what services MAX IV can offer to industry.

Companies from a wide range of industrial sectors will benefit from the versatility of the synchrotron light sources at the MAX IV Laboratory. Our instruments can be used to study almost any type of material using X-rays.

As the radiation created by our synchrotrons is significantly stronger than what can be achieved by conventional laboratory equipment, we can offer very fast measurement times of extremely dilute and thin samples.

What techniques and services are available right now?

MAX IV is a new synchrotron light facility and the techniques and services are being built up over the coming years. Have a look at the users page to learn more about when various beamlines will come online, or please to learn more about how we can help you with your needs.

I want to learn more about MAX IV and synchrotron light techniques!

Here you can find out more about MAX IV Laboratory and what you can do at a synchrotron light facility. You can read more about scientific highlights on our site or read more about industrial cases through the Science Link project.


20160302 Lund , Photos from MAX IV | MAX IV Laboratory Photographer: Johan Bävman Client: Lunds Universitet

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