These following items are available to use:

  • 800 nm pump laser; OPA pump 1600 nm – 400 nm; THz generated in organic crystals.
  • 1.8-15 keV X-rays
  • 80 Gs, 36 GHz oscilloscope
  • <1 ps timing accuracy (jitter between laser and X-rays); 140 fs (FWHM) post-sorting
  • 10 Hz operation mode, single shot mode
  • Cryogenic and temperature-controlled sample environment (20-500K)

Work in progress:

  • 100 Hz operation
  • Pulse duration and pulse jitter monitoring on 100 fs level.
  • Extending pump and probe spectral range

We expect the typical duration of an experiment to be 2 weeks.

Data analysis

  • Data format: HDF5 (Data structure downloadable on request. Ask FemtoMAX staff for download link)
  • Available data analysis tools and resources: HPC cluster with MATLAB, JupyterHub

Do you have any questions regarding the FemtoMAX beamline? Send an e-mail to:

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