Base pressure7e-11 mbar
Sample manipulation4-axis
Sample heatingRadiative (up to ~ 500-700 C, PID-controlled)
E-beam (up to ~1200 C, manual)
Direct current (up to 10 A)
Sample coolingOpen cycle, compressed air or “cold gas” N2
Temperature controlHome-made sampleplates with a thermocouple
Thermocouple on cryostat
SputteringDedicated Ar line, automated sputtering
(*under development)
CharacterizationLEED and AES via ext lock-in
Quartz microbalance on the manipulator
Deposition2 quick install deposition source ports CF 40
Additional CF40 ports

Manipulator and sampleplates

General information

At STM lab we use a custom-made receiver on the manipulator in the PREP chamber of the experimental set up. This receiver allows for efficient and controllable sample heating/cooling but most importantly for direct sample temperature measurement via a K-type thermocouple (requires a custom sampleplate). The receiver is back-compatible with standard flat ScientaOmicron flag-style sampleplates, however, the vertical dimensions for any double-stage sampleholders may differ.

Sample mounting

We have a stock of standard Scienta