The SEDS (Sample Environment and Detector Support) team is part of the Beamline Office group. We take part in end-station developments, procurements of endstation instrumentation, and maintain a pool of spare instruments. SEDS is available to all MAX IV beamlines as a resource in their development of experimental facilities. Furthermore, SEDS promotes collaboration with other institutes. External groups are encouraged to contact SEDS for collaborations on technique development within sample environments, sample manipulations, and detectors.

SEDS is responsible for five support labs

  • Sample environment lab – Assembly and testing of sample environments.
  • Detector lab – Tests and development of detectors.
  • Fast prototyping workshop – 3D printing, laser cutting, and CNC milling,
  • Beamline Workshop – Intended for small and fast work by beamline staff
  • D3 Preparation lab – UHV-sample preparation
The SEDS team, from left – Christopher Ward, Artur Domingues, and Stefan Carlson.  

Contact SEDS

Please send a support request by email to SEDS (), or by issuing a ticket in our internal RT system, or simply contact us directly.

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