The PRISMAS program aims to train future scientists and researchers to better tackle major societal challenges using synchrotron research methodologies and techniques.

PRISMAS was launched on January 1st, 2023, and addresses both basic and applied science. It is built upon three pillars: the large research infrastructure MAX IV, academia through Swedish universities and society and industry through associated partners, and society connected to the research areas and Sustainable Development Goals.

The program is envisioned to strengthen the synchrotron user community in advanced synchrotron methodologies and ensure that academia and industry can fully utilize the synchrotron techniques offered at MAX IV and benefit from it to perform cutting-edge science.

Through PRISMAS, students and partners contribute to shaping the facility to meet future research needs better and the issues that arise in an increasingly competitive and challenging business world.

Curios on how to get involved in the PRISMAS programme as implementing partner? See all relevant information summarized here.

Universities, institutes, and industry joining forces

Sweden is a Big Science Nation, a hotbed for leading photon science, and home to the world’s most brilliant synchrotron MAX IV. Through PRISMAS, Swedish universities, institutes, leading industrial partners, and MAX IV have come together to make Sweden take the lead in educating the next generation of synchrotron experts.

The initiative is supported by a consortium of eight Swedish universities (Implementing Partners) and an international network of 43 Associated Partners, including market-leading industrial companies, that are all involved in and financially committed to the program implementation, the training, and the supervision of the PRISMAS students.

By offering customised secondments or short stays, the Associated Partners allow PRISMAS fellows to increase mobility and their intersectoral and interdisciplinary work.

The basis of the PRISMAS program is a secondment at MAX IV (from three up to twelve months) with a hands-on training program in X-ray instrumentation, technique advancement, and data analysis.

Get involved!

If you are an industrial company or interested in participating in PRISMAS as another form of Associated Partner, you are most welcome to get in touch with us.

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Based on international sustainability goals

PRISMAS is focused on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and EU Missions, with a strong interest in contributing to healthy people, a healthy planet, clean energy, sustainable technologies and developed accelerator science.

A collaborative, EU COFUND-funded program

PRISMAS has received funding through an EU COFUND action, a part of the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions (MSCA) program within the European Commission framework Horizon Europe. The MSCA is the European Union’s reference program for doctoral education and postdoctoral training and the COFUND provides funding for regional, national, and international programs for training and career development, through co-funding mechanisms.

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