We have gathered some frequently asked questions

MAX IV has a VPN client and this might be useful to you as a user in some cases, read more in the VPN guide.

Yes, if you need to lie down for a while you can do so in the resting room placed in the basement of the E-building. Please ask at the reception for further directions.

To simplify the process there are two steps that are good to know about:

  1. Technical feasibility
    The proposal will be assessed, on technical grounds, by the beamline staff to determine whether the proposed experiment can be carried out or not.
  2. Scientific Merit
    MAX IV PAC (Programme Advicory Committee) members will then assess and rank the proposal based on scientific merit.

Shifts at MAX IV are 4 hours long, and that User Operation runs alternately from Tuesday or Wednesday to Sunday. This means that:

  • 1 shift = 4 hours
  • 1 “day” = 24 hours = 6 shifts

A 24h period is split into the following shifts:

  • 04:00 (Early Morning)
  • 08:00 (Morning)
  • 12:00 (Afternoon)
  • 16:00 (Evening)
  • 20:00 (Late evening)



Yes, in the basement of the E-building there is a gym. Please ask at the reception for further directions.

Yes, please see this page about WiFi at MAX IV for further information.

If your proposal is placed on the Reserve List, it means you might get contacted by beamline staff, on short notice, if a time-slot should become available but there is no guarantee.

Sweden uses the Swedish Krona, not the Euro, but a lot of stores and restaurants no longer accept cash. But nearly all places accept payment by  card.

The number to SOS Alarm is 112.

For general MAX IV safety information, please visit the Safety pages

For information regarding potential travel restrictions we advise you to visit official sources of information such as:


Please see our page called Access modes for further information about the different access modes MAX IV offers.

The MAX IV reception is open weekdays from 8.00 am to 4.30 pm.

MAX IV issues calls for proposals twice per year for the General User Access program. The calls are named according to their beamtime period, and not when the call itself opens, hence the (approximations):

  • Spring call for proposals opens in September, for beamtime in March-August
  • Fall call for proposals opens in February, for beamtime in September-February

Please see our Advisory bodies page for further information on members of the MAX IV Programme Advisory Committee – PAC