The MAX IV software group is responsible for the control system software at the accelerators and the beamlines. This includes software used for monitoring as well as for experiment control.

Using the Tango Controls framework, we integrate a wide range of equipment. For experiment control and data acquisition we use Sardana to offer a range of scanning modes, from classical step scans to continuous mesh scans and tomography scans. For our MX beamlines we develop and support the MXCube experiment platform. We also provide many types of user interfaces, both applications and web dashboards.

The software group also provides tools for meta data collection based around SciCAT and ISPyB. We maintain internally developed software tools such as DUO (Digital User Office), Domni (administration support) and Elogy (electronic log book).

In the software group we have many diverse backgrounds and competences. We are software developers, engineers and scientists, with a broad experience from both industry and scientific facilities all over the world. We cover the full software range from embedded systems to front end web development.


The hardware team works with motion control and electronics within control systems for beamlines and accelerators. We are involved all the way from procurement and design to commissioning, operations support, and further development of equipment and systems. The team comprises a wide range of skills, from electrical design and drafting to software development and implementation of complex timing systems.

Detectors and Scientific Software


We are a small international team with diverse scientific backgrounds who work on data acquisition, processing and analysis, either by devising and implementing custom solutions or by providing software tools for the beamlines.

Eiger Detector at BioMAX

We also support the installation, commissioning and operation of commercially supplied detectors, both position measuring and energy resolving, for example including mega pixel photon counting detectors, working with the beam line scientists in order to understand their detector requirements. We are interested in collaborations with other institutes who are engaged in detector research and development in order to bring custom solutions to the MAX IV beam lines where needed.

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