Lund University Computing Center


  • Lund University computing center (LUNARC) can provide computing resources for processing data from experiments carried out at MAX IV as well as for related simulations and modeling.
  • Data from experiments at MAX IV are stored in a common data center and are available on LUNARC computing systems via a high speed internet connection.
  • The software environment at LUNARC is very similar to the one used during experiments at MAX IV.
  • LUNARC provides computing resources for:
    • All MAX IV academic users via a dedicated Centre Local Compute round
  • An allocation of computing resources at LUNARC is not a part of the experiment proposal (as of 2021). The computing resource request is independent of the MAX IV User Office and it is handled via the SUPR system provided by a National Academic Infrastructure for Supercomputing in Sweden (NAISS).
  • Getting access:
    • Swedish academia users are served by LUNARC & NAISS and they may proceed practically without any MAX IV coordination by applying for a project and an account on LUNARC in SUPR. Note: There is a special round in SUPR. Users can apply even if they are not from LU.
    • International MAX IV academia users can proceed the same way if they feel familiar with the SUPR system for storage/compute proposals. Note: An English language option can be choosen in SUPR.
    • International MAX IV users interested in accessing computing resources at LUNARC can also contact MAX IV IT & Scientific Software via their beamline contact (with reference to this page).

Setting up a LUNARC & SNIC account

1. Create an account at the Swedish National computing infrastructure

Skip to next point if you are already in SUPR.

If you do not have a SUPR account yet, “Register New Person”.

(Next page) If your institute is in SWAMID, “Register via SWAMID”. If your institute is not in SWAMID (mostly case for non-Swedish users) then “Register without SWAMID” and login later using “Email and Password”.

2. Login to SUPR

3. Accept the SNIC User agreement

Personal Information -> roll down to User Agreement -> Handle the agreement

If you were not in SWAMID, i.e. you are using email&password (non-Scandinavian users but also e.g. Danish) you will need to print out a PDF, sign it and send it with a photocopy of your ID by regular mail to Göteborg (Sweden). This may take some time. Another option is to drop the signed agreement with the photocopy of your ID in the MAX IV reception.

4. Join a Project

Projects -> Request Membership in Project

Search for and request to join e.g.: “LVIS 2020/5-5”. You can also use the project-PI name.

Leave there some short msg for the project PIs. PAUSE (overnight): Wait until project PIs add you at least to one project. You should receive email notice.

Alternative: Create your own project (see below).

5. Request COSMOS/LUNARC account Accounts->Accounts request->Request LUNARC account (there will be nothing visible if you already have an account or you do not participate in any project at LUNARC)

LUNARC prefers a user name created from the first 3 letters of your first and second name (example: JOHan SVEnson -> johsve). However you may want to choose same username as the one in

PAUSE (usually a day but if you have to sent the letter to Göteborg then very long): Again wait LUNARC handles your account request. This will not be handled before the User agreement is in place (i.e. the letter arrives for non-SWAMID users). You can see your status in SUPR/account. You will receive email with instructions (usually a telephone number and you have to call this number in order to pick up your initial password)

6. Pick up the password (in Scandinavian office hours, 8:30-17:00 Stockholm time).


8. Install and activate the PocketPassword (you will use the password for the first time here) following the LUNARC instructions.

9. ssh or ThinLinc to: or ssh into:

You will use your password that you received and OTP from the PocketPassword App.

Accessing MAX IV data at LUNARC

MAX IV experimental data are mounted (directly available) on LUNARC & COSMOS front-ends and compute nodes in a read only mode as /projects/maxiv.

MAX IV storage at LUNARC

If you do not have access to your proposal directory, it is likely that your MAX IV and LUNARC accounts are not properly linked. Please contact LUNARC or MAX IV support in such a case.

Applying for the computer resources

MAX IV users can use the MAX IV Local Computer round

SUPR -> Rounds -> Compute Rounds -> Centre Local Compute -> MAX IV compute

Acknowledgement for the use of LUNARC resources

LUNARC and NAISS are independent Swedish Research Infrastructures. If appropriate one should acknowledge use of their resources or help provided by their staff. Standard templates for the acknowledgement can be found on the bottom of NAISS web.